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KNOWLEDGE (An article taken from ‘Times Online Magazine 2008)

This week has been all about learning new things for me. Since childhood I have had an unquenchable thirst for knowledge which didn’t relent as I ventured into adulthood. The world around us is an intriguing place. The wonders range from the sheer scale of the universe to the power of the tiniest micro organisms. The vast oceans that cover our planet are still in part a mystery to us. Billions of years have been spent building the earth to what it []

Choices (An article taken from AUSA magazine 2009)

This weeks topic has to be choices. Why? Because I had a choice on what subject to choose and therefore it is choices. Throughout our lives we are faced with decisions that shape the rest of our journey. What subjects to choose in school, what friends to keep, further study or the world of work. Young adulthood is fraught with life changing decisions. However, decisions are not done there. As we grow older our decisions not only shape our journey but mould []

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“If you love gore fest with a spicy story this will make you’re day.” – A WIlliams (Goodreads)

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“From start to finish I was completely engrossed.” – Emily G (Goodreads)