Character Profile: Ronald ‘Ronnie’ Owen

Age: 45

Features in: KNOCK KNOCK

Occupation: Lawyer

Younger brother to CHARLES ‘CHICK OWEN better known as The Cappy. Ronnie is one of the leading share holders in the corporation of his family name – OWEN INC. Like the rest of his family he has the big personality that comes from the Great States but he is well known to be the most grounded Owen. He is the steady cog in the Owen Corp Machine that is laying waste to the SHADY CITY.

Ronald ‘Ronnie’ Owen answers some difficult questions outside of the Court House.

It’s not difficult being seen as the level head though when you have a nephew like BERNARD ‘BUDDY’ OWEN to contend with. Ronnie served his time in KAPPA SO as all the men in his family have so he is well aware of some of the shenanigans that goes on inside the CHAPTER HOUSE. (Shenanigans is really the only way we could describe it).

Ronnie tries to be the level head of his family.

Ronnie is a defense lawyer so he believes in all cards on the table but when he is given his most difficult client yet to defend in the court of JUDGE DOYLE he has some tough decisions to make. Right or wrong. Guilty or not guilty. Either way it will expose some of the skeletons in his own family closet.

The Knock Knock Boss Lady has made an enemy of the Owen family but she’s ready for that challenge.

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The Baroness’ beloved cabaret club was attacked and the Owen family are the suspects. Just another day of covering up their misdeeds.

Tawny is now Resident 0109 of the Harbour House rehab facility. Will she recover from her trauma? 

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