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A closer look at characters featured in the Shady City thrillers.

Character Profile: Dr G Winslow


Age: 56

Occupation: Surgeon General, CEO Harvesters Meat and Dairy.

The family farm became a city wide brand.

Dr Gregory Winslow is accomplished and well educated. There are many around the Shady City that owe their life to him. He is something of a wizard with transplants and one of his most grateful patients is Jacob Harverster, better known as the old Harvester. Jacob’s daughter, Julia , was so grateful to the doctor for her father’s care he was named one of the leading holders of the farm and with that control Winslow was able to help the Harvester brand grow and thrive.

winslow 2
Winslow keeps a close watch on his investment.

Like many in the shady city Winslow doesn’t do what he does out of the goodness of his heart. He is in the business of saving lives but business is still business. Whilst saving lives can be a great thing the ugly truth is someone has to pay for it somewhere.

Harvester farm spread like a great smothering plant across the city with no one trimming away the rotting parts. The farm hands were worked harder but saw less benefits. Julia found herself in the doctor’s clutches. She couldn’t escape. She didn’t just owe her father’s life, she owed everything and the good doctor was going to make sure he had his dues. He felt a duty to protect Jacob’s livelihood whilst he recovered and so his daughter had her duties to perform too.

Harvester Farm is a vast place with a lot of hidden gems.

Winslow has touched so many lives. From the simple farm girl who he has complete control over to a down on his luck artist. Winslow connects the two and as their stories collide, as artist and muse, a horrifying truth will be revealed as they desperately try to break free.


When Dr Winslow takes control of Harvester Farm he takes the farmer’s daughter too. Just to keep things running smoothly you understand. 

Coming 2020.

Bring me your sick. Bring me your troubled. Bring me those that society can no longer cope with. They will always have a home here at HARBOUR HOUSE.

#amreading @VivikaWidow and I’m ready for rehab, 😏 #harbourhouse2020

Character Profile: Marcus Penn


Age: 24

Occupation: Owner of the PENN AUCTION HOUSE.

The Penn Auction House is th seat of power in City Main

Marcus is a no nonsense man who knows just what it takes to get a job done. He is fully acquainted with the darker side of the Shady City. With his strong connections to the KNOCK KNOCK CLUB and his auction house holding control of City Main there are enemies gathering around him.

What is most distinctive about Marcus is that he is of a set of triplets. He and his brothers – SIMON and REGGIE – run the Penn House together. Marcus is seen as the unofficial leader being the eldest by a few minutes.

The Penn triplets have an infamous reputation in the Shady City.

The Penn House had been passed down to them through generations by their father. They proudly hold art work from the likes of DAVID FINN as well as other antiquities that most would find difficult to get a hold of.

Marcus isn’t shy of the dirty work. He is emotionless, iron willed and carries a reputation for a reason. Not many would dare tackle him alone. Even fewer would go against him with his brothers by his side.

Marcus and his brother Reggie show club manager Dennis how serious they are.

Things run as smoothly as they can in Coldford City when the Penn House is charge of bidding but like most things in Coldford there are many shades.

Marcus is loyal to the Knock Knock club and often helps with its dirty work.

Marcus is highly intelligent, well read and like his father, REGINALD, a gentleman at heart. He doesn’t have much to offer in the way of words but when he does choose to speak ears had best be pricked because has something important to share. On his good side you will find Marcus a noble protector. On his bad side you will find yourself on the auction block. In Coldford City you had better hope that term is used figuratively.

#amreading a #thriller by @VivikaWidow

The complete season 1 of the Knock Knock graphic novel series free to read here, or download for Kindle Unlimited.

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Character Profile: Glenn

Features in: Muse , Harbour House

Age: 47

Occupation: Harvester Farm Hand

Glenn was a hard working man. No one could accuse him of being lazy. Providing for his family is of prime importance. His daughter, Susie, is all that matters but he also takes his comittments seriously and he committed himself to the Harvester farm back when Jacob Harvester was in control. He has worked the farm ever since he was a young man and has seen the old Harvester’s only child, Julia, grow up like an uncle. He saw the farm blossom. He watched it fail.

The Harvester farm became a brand under Dr Winslow.


The old Harvester became sick and it fell to Julia to decide its future. Glenn – like the rest of the farm hands – was always treated like family but decisions on the Harvester legacy was out of his depth.

Julia Harvester saw the farm hands as family.


Still, as difficult as things became an overbearing investor changed the world around them. Glenn remained strong in his commitment. As long as Susie had everything she needed it didn’t matter what he had to do. Even when the investor began to push them towards new jobs, well out-with their duties, Glenn carried on. It wasn’t glamorous. It wasn’t easy. It probably wasn’t legal but pride and family were at stake.

Glenn is a hardworking man. Providing for his family is of prime importance.

Somewhere in the city resides a down on his luck artist whose path collides with Glenn’s as his search for inspiration brings him to the farm. As he sets his sights on Julia Harvester as his new MUSE it could be time for upheaval once again.

Glenn is helpless in the take over of the farm.



Harvester Farm is a vast land. When an artist runs out of places to run from a childhood trauma it will be his next stop. The full story is available to read HERE

Coming 2020.

Bring me your sick. Bring me your troubled. Bring me those that society can no longer cope with. They will always have a home here at HARBOUR HOUSE.

Character Profile: Julia Harvester


Age: Nineteen

Occupation: HARVESTER FARM Hand

She may have broad shoulders but the responsibility of the farm that fell on her after the old Harvester became ill was immense.

The family farm became a city wide brand.

Jacob Harvester didn’t want the farm life for his daughter. She could have been a doctor or a lawyer. She could have been anything but Julia gave it all up to protect her family legacy. Thankfully the Harvester brand has thrived in recent years. Now the meat and dairy trucks can be seen all over the Shady City.

Harvester Farm is a vast place with a lot of hidden gems.

Shackled to the farm by an over bearing investor as well as her loyalty to the farm hands Julia had lost all hope of ever escaping. That was until she met artist, David Finn. He saw something in her. She inspired him and in turn he inspired her. He helped her find the confidence she needed to break loose.

David Finn finds a new muse in the coy farm girl.

She is warm, friendly and has an attitude to life that seems a little naive. Be careful though. Underneath her seemingly innocent persona dwells a fire that could easily get out of control given the right motivation.

She is often found close to the man who offered her father new life, DR WINSLOW. She owes him everything. Not only did he save her father’s life but he also saved the farm and all those on it but when motives against her family legacy turn sour Julia’s loyalty will be tested to the limit.

Vulnerable? Unworldly? Or one to be watched closely?

Julia Harvester is a nice girl. She is kind, sweet and used to being posed in all the best positions. She is the perfect artist’s muse. Click HERE to read the full story.

Coming 2020.

Bring me your sick. Bring me your troubled. Bring me those that society can no longer cope with. They will always have a home here at Harbour House.

#amreading @VivikaWidow and I’m ready for rehab! #harbourhouse2020

Character Profile: Dennis Platt

“How far must a man fall before the climb back up becomes too steep.”

Name: Dennis Platt

Age: 42

Features in: KNOCK KNOCK

Occupation: Knock, Knock club manager.


At first glance our club manager is a friendly, enthusiastic albeit full on man. Noticeably more interested in the female members of the club. Dennis is a serial womaniser.

Like most people in the Shady City he has a dark past. Something caused a well known man about town to leave his wife and child and find himself managing the seediest club in town. If you are willing to dig deep you will find a sordid history of prostitution, dark desires and a skilled con man.


He has a special connection with club owner Tabitha but if our reporter Sam is going to get to the bottom of the disappearance of the City Mayor he will have to look past Dennis’ flaws. His regrets could give Sam the story he needs.


Dennis is good looking, vibrant and has a way with people but with his predatory instincts would you trust him?

Dennis is a strong feature in the Knock, Knock graphic novel series which is free to read here or on Kindle Unlimited. 

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Character Profile: Tabitha

“You can’t get in here without a fucking invitation!”

Name: Tabitha

Age: Unknown (assumed to be mid twenties)

Position: Owner/ proprietor of the KNOCK KNOCK CLUB


Tabitha is a beauty. No one notices that more than herself.

She has firmly dug her nails into life in Shady City. She has crawled from the bottom of life’s heap to gain her position and she won’t give it up easily.

Little is known about Tabitha prior to the opening of the Knock, Knock Club but given what she is capable of it can only be assumed she came from no place good. Fortune smiled on her in the form of her beloved aunt – also known as THE BARONESS.

Business woman or sultry vixen?

Knock Knock opened under her guidance and she has never looked back since. She isn’t without her support. Backing her with unshakeable loyalty are the powerful PENN family of City Main. The Penn triplets: Marcus, Simon and Reggie being her closest friends.

A knife in hand, a bad attitude and a killer red dress. Tabitha is ready.

Tabitha is responsible for an event known as the FREEFALL MASSACRE which saw countless benefactors leap from the luxury BECKINGRIDGE TOWER in the business district to their deaths. Tabitha is a mean queen who is not an easy target to topple.

Tabitha’s influence stretches all the way to City Hall.

Tabitha is wily, nasty and comically self absorbed. She has few emotional triggers but they may be worth exposing if the Knock, Knock club is to ever be taken down.

The complete season 1 of the Knock Knock graphic novel series free to read here, or download for Kindle Unlimited.

When Tabitha is sent to Hathfield Bay to meet her estranged grandma, she is given an inside look at the Cult of Wigan of which granny is a member.

Available May 14th

The Knock Knock club was attacked and now the lovable Baroness is dealing with her trauma inside Harbour House. Safe haven or all part of the bigger plan?

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Character Profile: Vincent Baines

Age: (During the events of Maestro) 27

Occupation: Music Teacher


Son of the great composer, Fredrick Baines, Vincent has music in his blood. From the KINGSGATE area he has lived among elite society for most of his life. With both his parents being accomplished musicians – his mother a lead cellist and father conductor of the Coldford City Orchestra – it was expected he would follow in their footsteps.

Vincent supports his home town of Kingsgate. The oldest part of the Shady City.

Adopted by the Baines’ as a small boy, Vincent showed a natural ability with music. His true love was the violin. He was drawn to the pleading strings and the feel of the bow.

Vincent is handsome, charming but most people agree also a little odd. He has obsessive personality disorder and when he sets his mind to something he will go to extreme lengths to satisfy.

Assigned as tutor to George Beckingridge, Vincent arrives at the manor.

When Vincent meets a new pupil he believes is in danger, he will stop at nothing to uncover the horrific secret the Beckingridge Manor is hiding.

George learns piano from music tutor, Vincent Baines.

His obsessions lead him to the darkest period of his life. But now a resident of Harbour House he can finally get those monkeys off his back.

Welcome, Mr Baines, to Harbour House.

#amreading @VivikaWidow and I’m ready for rehab! #harbourhouse2020 😏

I warn you Mr Baines, you have your work cut out for you. Our George has been an absolute nightmare lately. We’re hoping music lessons will give him something positive to focus on.

Son of the great composer, Fredrick Baines. A concert pianist by the age of twelve. A professional violinist by fifteen. Mr Baines is by all accounts a remarkable man so what went wrong?