The Princess and the Beetle

There once was a Princess, who lived far away,
She was in love with a prince, so they eloped one day.
On the way to the church they received terrible news,
A dragon was terrorising, the prince had to choose.
“I’ll return my love,” to the princess he said,
“But first I must assure the menace is dead.”
The princess was huffed, her face so sour.
Couldn’t look at anyone, locked herself in a tower.
“I’ll wait right here till he returns to me,
Then we will be married, happy and free.”
The crow told her “It’s likely he’ll die.”
The princess grunted, stared into the distance with a sigh.
“You pesky bird, my prince is big and strong.
He’ll return with that dragon’s head before too long.”
The prince faced the dragon in a deadly fight.
He had torn out its tongue by the third night.
“Ah ha!” he cried “No enemy is too great for me!
I can return to my bride and let her see!”

“Wait you fool!” cried the evil witch.
“You killed my dragon, you son of a bitch!”
The prince drew his sword, the witch was too fast.
A spell was cast that was sure to last.
He was now a little beetle, 6 legs and all black.
Small and insignificant, he almost fell down a crack.
But he got his wish and found his lonely bride.
She was sat at a desk, so he climbed up her side.
“My princess! It’s me! Will you love me all the same?”
The princess couldn’t hear a single word he was saying.
She noticed the little bug, she smiled and she said
“What a horrid little creature!” and smashed the book over his head.
She often wondered what happened to her lover.
Had he forsaken her for another?
The guts of the man she took home to her mother
Were now splattered across the front of her book cover.

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