Character Profile: Theodore ‘Teddy’ Owen

Name: Theodore ‘Teddy’ Owen

Occupation: Agent of the Good Gang (Hickes Agency)


“Don’t makes this the day you die.”

The Owen family are full of Great States bravado. From patriarch, Chick Owen to his troublesome son BUDDY and all the villains in between. Cousin Teddy is different though. Teddy carries himself with humble dignity. He has a strong awareness of doing the right thing which matches him with the Good Gang well.

Like the rest of his kin, Teddy has an excellent shot. Although, unlike his kin he says he would much rather shake a man’s hand than draw arms. His kindly demeanour catches by surprise when his brother is the despicable BILLY OWEN. The stark difference between the brothers gives cause for people to assume Teddy is an actor, merely playing the role of an Owen to offer damage control to the reputation of Owen Inc.

Teddy is quick to action in the support of others. He’s brave and fearless. He might be just what Coldford City needs.

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