Character Profile: Ruby Feltz

“You’ve gotten yourself in way too deep.”

Name: Ruby Feltz

Occupation: Representative of Northside


Ruby the eldest daughter of Mayor Jim Feltz. Her father’s office was drenched in sleaze and dirty dealings but Ruby worked where she could to assure the mayoral hot seat provided what was best for the people of Coldford City. This was no easy task when her father was focused on his own gains.

Ruby has had a constant battle with bad PR. The Feltz name became synonymous with underhanded behavior. Her home area of Northside became widely hated when trouble stirred with neighbouring town of Northside. Then her father went missing.

Ruby could do much good for Northside and for Coldford City overall. It was always said she was real brains behind the best that came from her father’s office. She has an steep hill to climb if she is to be trusted. Until such times as her father is found all she can do is continue to what what she feels is best.

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