Character Profile: Austin ‘Ozzy’ Perry

“War is Hell, mate.”

Name: Austin ‘Ozzy’ Perry

Occupation: Owner of Perry Zoo

Features in: KNOCK KNOCK

Ozzy Perry is considered the most personable of the Kappa Elders. Whilst his closest bro Chick Owen can be ruthless and his other bro Marshall can be wild, Ozzy prefers a laugh. Nothing makes him happier than when there are some hijinks afoot.

Owner of Perry Zoo, Ozzy is well acquainted with wild animals. Originally from down under, he has made a home in Coldford City with his zoo in Coldridge and his reserve in Bournton. He is a loving father to Chad Perry. Although, some would argue he would really do with taking a firming hand with his son. Ozzy has the terrible habit of treating him like a friend rather than a son which allows Chad to get up to all kinds of mischief.

Whilst Ozzy is a friendly man, when it comes to his duty towards his Kappa So fraternity he won’t think twice about carrying out what needs to be done. The sudden switch from laughter to coldness can catch people off guard.

As Coldford City prepares to cage some real wild ones, Ozzy and his zoo keepers may be useful in rounding them up.

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