Character Profile: Marshall Cooper

“Dog’s got bite. Show a bit of respect. A little f**king appreciation”

Name: Marshall Cooper

Occupation: Owner and operator of Cooper Garages.


Flashy and arrogant, Marshall is an abrasive sort. He garners a reputation of being a bit of a mad dog because he barks his orders a lot and he’s known to have bite. His arrogance isn’t without some backing though. His Mad Dog racing team are world renowned and if you drive a Cooper Car you are driving in luxury. Marshall has plenty of boasting pieces and he knows that well.

Considered a close confidant of Charles ‘Chick’ Owen, Marshall runs in the highest of circles. Rumours speak of him looking to take the prime position at the top of the food chain once upon a time. Whatever action Chick had felt necessary has since kept him line. He’s a trusted member of Kappa So fraternity and as a brother for life he doesn’t mind getting his hands dirty.

He’s a heavy cocaine abuser. Away from his Kappa So bros he has a lucrative sideline of drug sales. His ‘pit stops’ are well stocked, protected and make a lot of money. His attempts to bring his product to City Main in Coldford were halted by Reginald Penn, the so called King of Main. Knowing Chick would disapprove of this Marshall played the Captain and the King off of each other. They never did like each other much so it was easy. Whilst they were distracted – Chick believing Reginald was throwing his weight about as a result of car parts and Reginald believing Chick endorsed the drug sales Marshall continued his business elsewhere.

Life is always in the fast lane and his family life is no exception. His ex wife is a constant headache. His younger brother, Brett, is unable to stay away from weed long enough to have any potential and his son Dale is a huge disappointment, constantly fucking up with his own bros. The only one he has to rely on is his daughter, Missy. Missy Cooper is smart, level headed albeit a little quick to temper and she has many achievements to her name including modelling and business accolades. Perhaps if he took some time with his son, he would see Dale’s potential too. Until then he remains the beaten pup and a waste of Marshall’s time.

Speeing into Coldford City Marshall is sure to burn some rubber so start your engines!

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