Character Profile: Nathan Watt

I’m just trying to help.

Name: Nathan Watt

Age: thirties

Occupation: Doctor


From a family of well respected doctors and medical providers, Nathan has grown up with expectations. He knows the expectations thrust upon him and he’s well aware of what he can expect from others. He’s smart, considers himself charming, so he should have the best in life, right?

Making saving lives his business, Nathan has a bit of a saviour complex. Unfortunately, in the Shady City, true saviours are hard to come by and they tend not to last very long. It is likely that he started out with genuine intentions of helping. When the health of an old farmer, Jacob Harvester, deteriorated, he was the first to warn against the involvement of skilled surgeon DR WINSLOW.,

Somewhere along the line Nathan’s noble intentions were somewhat tainted. The Shady City embittered him. He still believed he could save but it would be on his own terms.

There was noone he would like to save more than lovely farm girl, Julia Harvester. The northern beauty and her nice demeanour would turn to him to be saved. That beauty is like the call of a siren though, drawing him deeper and deeper to treacherous shores.

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