Character Profile: Irvine Stoker

“You can’t’ trust a Stoker, mucker, not a single one! There are no exceptions.”

Name: Irvine Stoker

Age: mid fifties

Occupation: Circus performer/ ringmaster


Irvine is old enough to remember what life was like in the old counry of Levinkranz before the great blitz caused the circus family to flee. Second son to legendary escape artist Adrien Stoker, who famously helped save hundreds of lives when the bombs dropped. Irvine didn’t take after his father much in that sense. The feaer of war taught him that in order to survive you have to be completely absent of scruples.

Irvine is a lively man who through his vibrant persona and tall, insectile physicality cuts a memorable figure. He is the ringmaster of the Stoker Circus and as such he resides in the striped Big Top. People don’t come to the circus like they used to so Irvine has many nefarious deals going which include home invasion robberies.

Irvine doesn’t choose to be a bad person. Weighing up costs and benefits does. The highest bidder will always count on his complete loyalty (until more bunce comes along!)

In the Shady City of Coldford he ranks as one of the most despicable men you could hope to meet but for the right price perhaps he can lead his circus to do some good as his father had.

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