We all want to be successful. I don’t know anyone growing up who would say they didn’t want anything from life. (I’ve known plenty who have been told they shouldn’t want anything from life and all ambition was knocked out of them but that’s a story for another time). There is a part in all of us that wants to succeed. Those ambitions differ from person to person. Some are simple ones like having a nice house. Others are more lofty like being an international superstar. No matter what, success is something we can all achieve. The beauty of success is it’s not something that is infinite. There is plenty to go around.

To some, success is monetary gain. This is quite often the first thing most people think of when they are asked to measure success. Sure, wealth can be a contributing factor but what about all the other measures?

Success can be academic. Good grades in school or an overall impressive education connotes success. It could be argued that academic success is a natural precursor to financial ones. In the real world this isn’t always the case but if you have set your mind to achieving an esteemed job by studying well and proving by exam that you are capable then that is success. If you set your mind to just passing a test and you do then that is also important. Success sounds academic but really it is about setting goals and achieving them.

Success could also be seen through how well turned out those in our care are. If you have children then success could be seen as how well they behave. Raising well mannered children ready to contribute to society is a success in my opinion. When you’re on your own with only the bare minimum finances to work with but your children are still fed, clothed and put to school that is still a success too.

There are different ways to view success and it doesn’t always have to be through the means society has taught us. We are individuals so it is really a measure of our own journeys. Where have we come from? Where do we plan to go? What have we offered the world around us? To me those are the true measures of success.

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