Shhh 🤫 nudge nudge wink wink


Did you get your invitation? Good. Then you are welcome to join us for the best night in the Shady City. Who would have thought a dump like SHANTIES is where it’s all happening?

The BOSS LADY has chosen you all specially to have a copy of VOLUME 1 of KNOCK KNOCK on us. Before you open the pages though are you sure you’re ready for all the thrills, spills and sometimes downright nasty plots? You are! Then you’re a sadist but we love you for it.

👉 👈 Just click and your in.

Yes that’s right folks. You can download the entire volume 1 for KINDLE for free! Grab it whilst it’s hot because the club don’t often give the goods away for free. (Talking to you Sally … )

A reporter has come knocking on the wrong door in search of the missing mayor. We don’t know nothing Jack, honest. Keep your lips shut, your head down and dive in.

Volume 1 of the hit graphic novel series is free to read HERE on Vivika Widow Online or you can download for kindle by clicking HERE.

KNOCK, KNOCK: Episode 1: Welcome to the Club

Knock, Knock: Episode 2: Don’t Come Knockin’

Knock, Knock: Episode 3: Sleep Tight Sam

Knock, Knock: Episode 4: Take A Bow

Knock, Knock: Episode 5: A Room With A View

Knock, Knock: Episode 6: Picking Up Strange Women

Knock, Knock: Episode 7: No Kids Allowed

Knock, Knock: Episode 8: Kids These Days

Knock, Knock: Episode 9: Shootin’ The Breeze

Knock, Knock: Episode 10: Calling Last Orders



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