Cold Hard Cash

How much are you willing to invest in the running of the Shady City. The more money the BECKINGRIDGE empire holds on your behalf the more control you will have over the city. But what is the return?


We can trust CEO ERNEST. After all, each of his personal problems have become very public news. His wife accused of child murder (acquitted thank you!), his company funds embezzled (better background checks on staff please!) and his son kidnapped by the music tutor VINCENT (why was no one aware of Mr Baines’ issues?)


When money makes the world go round there are bound to be so many people clambering for the top all the time. It’s safer to be the central cog that keeps the whole thing spinning. That is of course until things start spinning out of control.

The Beckingridge family enlist the help of a music teacher to try and keep the out of control son, George, focused on something more positive.

Vivika Widow’s most celebrated novel MAESTRO is live now and free to read on KINDLE UNLIMTED or download HERE for just 99p/c !


Coming soon in the KNOCK KNOCK graphic novel series: Climb to the top of Beck Tower with us and prepare for a leap of faith.




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