A real cup of art …

“The best Vivika Widow thriller yet.”

“Totally compelling from beginning to end!”

These are just some of the things that the readers of Vivika Widow’s novel MUSE have to say.

With the HARVESTER team preparing to cross over into the KNOCK KNOCK graphic novel series, this week we are celebrating the novel that debuted the innocent seeming farm girl and her handsome helpers.


Let’s not forget the beautiful art work of DAVID FINN that made it all possible. He found inspiration in Julia’s soulful eyes and her statuesque body.


Download your copy of MUSE today for only 99p/c and for a limited time our friends at ON THE MERCH wish to share in our celebrations so if you purchase either MUSE mug on their website using the discount WIDOW5 you will get them for £5 – Holy Bargain Batman!

MUSE has some thrilling plots to taste so what better way to do it than with your very own exclusive mug?

As always any downloads or merch purchases benefit RAGDOLLS UK so you’re not only getting some pretty awesome goods (if we do say ourselves) but you are also fulfilling your good deed for the day.

So grab your cuppa, grab your device and devour MUSE in all it’s juicy flavour.

Click HERE to read MUSE

Click HERE to visit ON THE MERCH and get your exclusive mug.


Let us know what you think ...

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