Family Friendly: Harvester Farm

Harvester Farm


A beautiful, expansive piece of land set beyond the north of the city before reaching the northern town of BOURNTON. Leaving the hustle and bustle of Coldford behind the Harvester farm seems like a world away.

Owned by the HARVESTER family for a number of generations, the most recent being Jacob Harvester and his daughter and only child JULIA.

Julia Harvester is a nice girl.

A meat and dairy farm the Harvester brand brings some of the finest produce to the Shady City and beyond. When Jacob fell ill his doctor, WINSLOW, bought over the farm in order to help out and to bring the brand into a modern world before it was lost completely to a day and age long past.

winslow 2-1
The eminent Dr Winslow and Harvester farm hand Glenn.

Hard work and dedication is given completely by the farm hands. They are all like family to Julia, especially GLENN and Curtis her two main hands who keep the farm functioning.

Hard working and dedicated. The farm hands are like family.

Whilst you can enjoy the beautiful scenery and become lost in the day dream inducing old fashioned architecture of the farm house, like most places in the Shady City there is a dark cloud hovering over the land and it’s not just bringing gloomy weather. Julia is losing control over her family legacy little by little to the domineering doctor.

When Julia meets an artist, DAVID FINN, he manages to see past her naïve, pretty farm girl exterior to a furious fire that burns beneath. The inspiration falls both ways as the daring artist gives her a new lease of life. Time to make some changes around Harvester farm and desperate times call for desperate measures.

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When artist, David Finn, meets his new muse its his chance to get his life back together again. It seems though the shy seeming farm girl has other ideas.

Coming 2020.

Once described as the city’s most promising young talent. Artist, David Finn, is now confined to Harbour House. When he learns his friend’s baby has gone missing completing rehab becomes crucial.

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