There’s a Little Trouble in Town

Knock Knock volume 2 is coming your way and to celebrate #kindle downloads of EP 7: NO KIDS ALLOWED are free for a limited time only!

The KNOCK KNOCK CLUB is for adults only. When the kids get involved things get messy.

Growing up to be the BOSS LADY of the Knock Knock club was by no means a smooth journey. That girl was destined to become a whole lot of trouble!

“Fine, I’ll leave, but Tabby comes with me,” her AUNT had pleaded.

They should have just let her go. How different things could have been. This is one little girl who just can’t be told no. Look what they made her do!

Running the Knock Knock club is not a kids game but even little kittens can have sharp claws.

Fighting back against the evils of SHADY CITY starts with a look closer to home.

Voted by readers as the most hard hitting episode of Volume 1. Click HERE to download your copy now.

Volume 1 is free to read on Vivika Widow Online or download for Kindle by clicking HERE.

KNOCK, KNOCK: Episode 1: Welcome to the Club

Knock, Knock: Episode 2: Don’t Come Knockin’

Knock, Knock: Episode 3: Sleep Tight Sam

Knock, Knock: Episode 4: Take A Bow

Knock, Knock: Episode 5: A Room With A View

Knock, Knock: Episode 6: Picking Up Strange Women

Knock, Knock: Episode 7: No Kids Allowed

Knock, Knock: Episode 8: Kids These Days

Knock, Knock: Episode 9: Shootin’ The Breeze

Knock, Knock: Episode 10: Calling Last Orders



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