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“Mrs McElroy,” the doctor introduced himself. “Or should I say, Nurse McElroy,” he added.

Jessica smiled. It had taken a failed marriage and the death of her ONLY SON to bring her to that point.

“I am very grateful for the opportunity, sir,” she replied. “When I returned to nursing after so long I didn’t think I would manage but I completed the training and I’m very much looking forward to settling in. The HARBOUR HOUSE facility is beautiful.”

DR WINSLOW leaned back in his chair and scanned her entire frame. “Sometimes our path in life comes a little later. I, myself, didn’t enter medical school until my mid twenties.”

Jessica was in her forties now. She had began a nursing course at seventeen but met Walter, married quickly, quit her course and had her son DORIAN. When Dorian died she struggled to find her purpose in life again. She wanted to help people like Dorian. She had failed her son by letting her lose touch but she could help others who were consumed with depression, anxiety and who’s dark thoughts were drawing them away from everyone who loved them. She couldn’t stop her boy taking his own life. She couldn’t reveal the secret he tried to take to his grave but Harbour House was the perfect place to make sure it didn’t happen again.

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