So where did it all go wrong?

VINCENT BAINES,” he began. “Son of the great composer Fredrick Baines, a concert pianist by age twelve and a professional violinist by fifteen. By all accounts you are a remarkable man. So where did it all go wrong?”


Vincent remained straight backed on the chair, his arms clasped across his lap.

“I received a call from Elizabeth BECKINGRIDGE,” explained the former music teacher. “She needed someone for her nephew, George. He had been causing trouble I suppose and they thought that some music lessons would calm him down.”

The doctor sniffed. He took a note in the yellow papered pad in front of him.


“We all know about the business with the Beckingridge family. It was very well documented at the time. Thanks to modern technology the press shot of you being brought in by the police, hands on your head, can still be found.” The doctor watched for a reaction but Vincent gave none. He continued. “I think in order for us to really get to the route of the problem we will have to dig a little deeper.”

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