Many Faces

“Do we really know ourselves?

When we ask our family they will tell us their opinion of us but when we ask friends they will see us differently and this is a spectrum depending on the intimacy of that friendship.

Then there is our own opinion, the real us. Those thoughts in our head that we would never dare speak out loud to anyone. We wouldn’t even dare to utter them to our own reflection in the mirror.

I am no longer afraid of my true self. I will show the many faces of the world because that is where the true art lies.”

She smiled. Julia but not really Julia. The statues with the words WASHED UP and HAS BEEN were smashed into inconsolable pieces.

“Then you are ready,” she said. “Time to carve.”

Artist David has lost his way. When he meets naive farm girl, Julia, he finds his inspiration again. He is forced to address a childhood trauma in order to make his work shock again.

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