Bellfield: Whiskey Town

Team: Bellfield Football Club

Stadium: MACK AND SONS arena.

Sponsors: Mack and Sons

Located to the West, Bellfield football club is proudly supported by the Mack family of Mack and Sons whiskey distillery, suppliers of the KNOCK KNOCK club.

As a travelling team Bellfield have garnered a reputation for instigating riots and wrecking opposing stadiums. They have received several sanctions from the football association. During a visit to Hathfield Bay the travelling fans of Bellfield sparked violence.

When word reached the Distillery that the football association were set to remove Bellfield from the league, the sponsors of the team stepped in. Current chair of Mack and Sons, Patrick, said, “The behaviour of the Bellfield fans was unacceptable and does not represent us as a club.”

The point was moot though because the following week those responsible for causing the trouble died in a alleged car crash.

Our most notable fan of Bellfield Football Club is head of the Mack clan. Check out the Knock Knock series to join the club they are proud to supply.

Knock Knock Volume 1 available HERE on Vivika Widow Online.

Issue 1 is also free to read for a limited time on kindle HERE


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