This Child Bugs Me

“It’s a challenging piece,” agreed Gabrielle, half owner of the Ritter Lane gallery as the canvas was laid against the wall. “It’s difficult to look at but it’s also hard to look away. The mother figure is all consuming. The baby figure is pale and almost serene.”

Mr Dell picked up on her thoughts and carried them further.

“It’s like the mother figure should be intimidating but the use of the fly head suggests that she is easily quashed, irritating in her presence and highlights the filthy background.”

Gabrielle’s eyes were drawn to the baby figure. She was morbidly curious as to where this image would lead. She knew the artist personally. It was no secret David Finn had had a difficult childhood. He was orphaned as a young teen and had been drifting ever since. His work was often provocative but always striking at the abuse he seemed to have endured. They were all beautifully horrific cries for help. They were a mirror held up to the worst parts of the world so we could stare in awe at the destruction we have caused around us. They forced us to realise the masks we wear won’t cover the rotten parts underneath forever.

Follow David as he searches deeper into the murky depths of his childhood memories for inspiration.

MUSE is available now. Click HERE to read.


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