Lot 415

In the north of the city lies the Penn Auction House. It is well known to the people of Coldford and especially to artists like David Finn. He was a well sought after artist until he lost his way but never before had his pieces been held by the Penn House. After meeting his new Muse, Julia, things were going to be different. A painting at auction was something for any artist to strive for.

The Penn House is ran by the triplet brothers Simon, Marcus and Reggie (Below – left to right). Marcus is the eldest by a few minutes and the one the others look to for leadership. Reggie is the youngest and the wildest of the three. He has a taste for cruelty and a fondness for keeping rats. Simon is the strongest. A champion boxer, his prized possession is his golden knuckle dusters that came to them from a source that is unknown but clearly important to the trio.

The Penn triplets run a tight establishment at the auction house and it has been learned the hard way not to cheat, swindle or otherwise refuse to follow the rules.

When David Finn’s work is requested by the triplets it signals a change in his career. The downwards spiral can now become an upwards trajectory. The triplets see something in his work, something that speaks to them.

MUSE is available now. Click HERE to read.

Check out Marcus in the Knock, Knock graphic novel series which is free to down load for kindle unlimited users HERE or free to read here on Vivika Widow Online by clicking HERE.



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