How far will you go?

When you feel like the weight of the world has been pushed onto your shoulders you have to smile prettily. You have to agree to the destruction around you and watch those you call family crush under the weight.

What else could you do? You were just young. You did what you thought was best. In the meantime the farm grew and flourished. It looked good. Lots of things can look good on the surface but have rotten roots underneath. The Harvester brand was rotting to the core.

But there is someone out there who sees it in you. He sees that you can uplift and inspire. He also sees that looming presence in the background stopping you from moving on. He sees it because it follows behind him too.

When the push comes to shove how far will you be willing to go?

Julia’s beauty is in the story that tells on her face. It inspires art but when the picture is complete will it look as pretty?

Click HERE to find out.


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