Etched in Stone

You can hack away at the stone of life. You can work your fingers bloody and your arms weak trying to carve what life should look like. Somewhere underneath the rubble dwells that true face you’ve been trying to hide. You tried to bury it with drugs, with doomed relationships. You even tried to bury it in the patience of those closest to you but still it surfaces like a great ocean beast.

It’s an ugly face but it’s your face, you’re true one. It is the face of a childhood trauma best forgotten. It is the body you tried to destroy. That body is made of stżone though and so it will stand strong for a long time. True art is shocking. What happened to you was shocking so show it to the world in all it’s cruel horror. That smile. That gaze. It’s all you at your worst and you can’t take it back now.

Vivika Widow’s latest thriller MUSE is available now. Click HERE to read.


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