Mirrors Don’t Reflect Anymore

“From the moment we are born we are burdened by negativity.

They pick out a plan for us and God forbid we stray even slightly from it.

So we grow hearing the words, ‘you can’t’ or ‘you won’t’

We learn to accept those limitations put on us to hold us down.

What are they so fucking afraid of?

They’re worried the artistic vision will expose them for the monsters they truly are.

Mirrors sure as Hell ain’t reflecting reality anymore. We can still smile in a mirror.

Art let’s that true inner demon shine through and when people try to hold it back with their bullshit negativity that demon becomes pissed.

We all go the same way in the end. We all go without a coin, a care or a friend.

How much of that negativity you want to carry with you along the way is the only thing that matters.”

David Finn is finding his inspiration again. Click 👉 HERE to read MUSE. The latest thriller from Vivika Widow.


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