Putting your heart into it.

Many people are aware of this but for those who aren’t familiar I would like to take some time to explain the beginning of Ragdolls UK. It is my charitable foundation that supports girls and women with Turner’s Syndrome as well as people with other genetic disorders. The small time work tirelessly to provide support, advice and raise awareness of a condition that occurs in about 1 in 2500 females across the globe.

For more information on what TS is click HERE.

I am often asked my reasoning behind setting up Ragdolls UK and the answer is simple. I am a TS girl myself. I was diagnosed at birth. I am what is termed MOSAIC. The reason the foundation is called Ragdolls UK is because as a child I was going into hospital for one of many visits. It was my first over night stay (that I was old enough to acknowledge) so my grandmother knitted me a rag doll to take with me. It was comforting and in the strange bed with strange lights above, strange people around and a constant feeling of tension as nurses dashed back and forth I was able to clasp my rag doll for comfort. That same comfort is what Ragdolls UK aims to bring to TS sufferers and their families.

When RED SNOW was published back in 2013 I asked then that proceeds from it support Ragdolls UK. Since then each VW title has gone on to help Ragdolls UK continue to grow.  It is why I do what I do.

My fellow authors will understand that it can be a very isolating career as you spend a lot of time in your head and can lose track of what is going on around you. Just the other afternoon I was at a check up at the hospital. I was in the midst of an ECG (I get regular checks on my heart due to issues caused by TS) and as the physiologist was prodding and pushing to get the best images she could she kept apologising. I am a sturdy built little woman so it wasn’t really bothering me but it occurred to me that others may be uncomfortable, frightened even. It reminded me of how important it is that I let my fellow TS girls know they are not alone. Also, to any TS girls who may be reading this it is vitally important that you attend your cardio check ups. We have lost too many TS girls from heart troubles. If you have a loved one with TS nag them endlessly to keep their cardio appointments.

Ragdolls UK has made huge strides are we are extremely proud of what has been achieved so far. However, there is still so many out there who aren’t getting the advice and support they need. You can help a small charity flourish in so many different ways. For advice on this click HERE. Even if just one new person learns what TS is from this post it has served a purpose. Google Turner’s Syndrome, share your TS stories. My DMs are always open for anyone looking for more information.

Much love!

Our work supports women and girls with Turner’s Syndrome.

Ragdolls UK work tirelessly to provide support for girls and women with Turner’s Syndrome and their families. We are proud to say that proceeds from all Vivika Widow titles goes towards this worthy cause. Any donation large or small helps continue to raise awareness of a condition that despite occurring in about 1 in 2500 females few are still aware us. Visit ragdollscharity.info for more information. Thanks!


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