Sanity for Sale (Adapted from Vivika Widow’s Muse)

“It’s something alright.”

Art gallery owner, Harper, was quite taken aback. She knew DAVID’s work to be provocative, free thinking and often bold in it’s use of colour and theme but never before had she seen anything like it. He had been off the boil for quite some time though. He had disappeared into obscurity, sealing himself in a cocoon of alcohol and drugs. Before he was lost completely he came to her with something groundbreaking. If she chose to hang his latest piece it would have the whole city talking. In all her years in the art world she knew that. It would cause a sensation in the name of artist DAVID FINN.


She was concerned too. David had been a friend of hers for a very long time and she wasn’t sure he was strong enough to cope with the attention. Fame was a double edged sword after all and as uplifting as it was it could cut deep. He seemed determined though. He was disheveled. His bleached blonde hair hadn’t been washed in what looked like days. His clothes, were a combination of borrowed artifacts and what items where close at hand at the time of dressing. His leather, slip on shoes were worn. He wore no socks. Harper was used to the quirky nature of artists but there was a fire lit behind his drug addled stare that she hadn’t seen in him for some time.

“You look like shit,” she told him firmly. “You really need to get yourself together.”

He attempted to smile but his concern was still on the piece.

“You really like it?” he asked.

“I love it,” Harper assured. “It’s challenging, bold and unlike anything I have ever seen. I must ask though, what inspired it?”

David sighed. “It was that girl JULIA I met. She encouraged me to dig deep. She gave me what I needed to finally break through. I have been waiting so long to break through. I’ve needed this. I’ve been holding myself back. I’ve been letting the negative shit hold me back. She helped me listen to my soul and this was what it screamed to me.”


Julia was a simple FARM GIRL. Harper couldn’t quite put together what she could draw from David that would bring such despair carved into a statue. The pain in the figurine was really hard to look at. From some angles it invoked tears, from others it brought repulsion but no matter what way it stood it was art in all of its raw, painful and cruel beauty. David always drew his images from the world around him. Harper hoped that wasn’t the case with this piece. She hoped that no one in the world would have to experience the pain that was etched into the face of the figurine.


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David’s artistic journey is just beginning and seemingly innocent farm girl, Julia, carries the keys of a childhood he had long thought buried.

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