All roads lead to the same place in the end.

Vibrancy.Colour. Bold shapes. The world is filled with art if only we are to look. But what happens when the world begins to lose that brightness? What if all you can see are haunting images? What if you try to tell those closest to you and they just don’t understand? They don’t understand your pain. They don’t understand you.

What if you used to be someone but the rainy days have washed all of that away and all that is left is pale, formless?

You can rise up to the top again but the shadow in the background wishes to hold you back. It suits the shadows purposes to keep you down.

There’s nothing more so you might as well embrace the shadow. It watches you always anyway so shine a light on it and get a clearer view of the face. It it the face of past regrets. It is the demon of a childhood best forgotten. Embrace it. Feel the pain. All roads lead to the same place in the end any way. Show your soul to the world and become the greatest living artist this city has ever known.

Vivika Widow’s latest thriller MUSE is available HERE.

Free for Kindle Unlimited users.


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