The Unveiling

David‘s art has been his life for as long as he can remember but like most artists he aimed for a perfection he couldn’t possible achieve. We should learn to love the imperfections. Their unique breakages, bruises and scars are beauty in their own artistic way.  David wanted perfect.


Seeking perfection in an imperfect world leads David down a dark path. He is an empty shell. No matter what he does he cannot recapture his former glory when he was one of the most sought after artists in the city. His work was presented in some of the most prestigious galleries. Now they have stripped him bare they want nothing more. He’s not that man anymore. He is empty. Alcohol, stronger drugs – none of it brings the same high or dulls the pain of having peaked so early. The girls he has sex with are empty shells too. They are looking for pseudo affection, to numb their own pains for their own reasons.


Julia is a good girl. Obedient and dutiful she is a simple girl and has lived her entire life on her family’s farm. It was never meant to be her life. Her father didn’t want the farm life for her. She had other dreams and aspirations. But when her father falls ill the entire Harvester family legacy is in jeopardy. Julia is forced to make a decision. She gives it all up to maintain the family farm. Under tyranny the Harvester brand grows but her humanity depletes.


When a washed up artist sees what his new muse is can truly be everything changes. With the keys to unlock a tortured past, David’s work has the chance to become bolder, more striking and better than ever. Will his muse lead him to greatness or will he fall at her feet as his world around him crumbles.


Find out by clicking HERE. Vivika Widow’s latest thriller Muse is available now. (Free for Kindle Unlimited users).

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