Nanny’s Little Naughties

Laura Goodman had important clients to attend to and they all paid handsomely. She always had enough leverage over them to lean on them and make them pay a little more but there was no sense in that. They were no good to her bled dry.

Today was business as usual. It was a fine morning although there was a chill in the air suggesting autumn wasn’t far behind. She closed the door behind her. It was painted a vibrant green. Her favourite colour. She pulled a heavy cluster of keys from the brown leather bag she carried over her shoulder and fed the appropriate one into the lock. It was safe, little family area where she lived. The quiet residential area was safe enough but you couldn’t be too careful. One of the negro boys from the adjoining area may wander in and who knows what they might get up to. More importantly though, none of her kids – Nanny’s little naughties – could get out. That would cause trouble aplenty.

“Good morning Laura,” called Mrs Wise from across the street.

She was a middle aged woman who spent her husband’s pension on silly lawn ornaments. She even won a competition because of them. Of course Stan was dead no but Kelly Wise would still go on buying those lawn ornaments with the bad money bequeathed to her. Stan would go on paying for those silly lawn ornaments when he was cold in the ground. Kelly was holding one in her hand. It was a little boy with a lollipop in his mouth, wearing dungarees and a flannel shirt.

Laura smiled amicably and waved back. Nanny was polite to her neighbours. She spoke enough so that they would be at ease with her but not so much that she would be memorable enough for them to realise they had never been inside her house.

“Did you enjoy the pie?” she asked.

Kelly Wise placed the boy down next to a Flamingo doing it’s trademark one legged stand.

“I did. Thank you,” Kelly assured. “I couldn’t finish it though. I’ll maybe have the rest later. I will wash your dish and pop over with it later.”

“Gosh,” Nanny exclaimed. “I do cook so much. I’m just used to cooking so for so many people. There’s no rush though. I will pick it up at our next book club meeting. Thursday night?”

Kelly nodded in agreement and waved her off. Nanny stored the keys in her brown leather bag. She skipped down the path way and into her green Volkswagen.

‘Today is going to be a good day,’ she thought to herself as she looked in the rear view mirror to check her make up and adjust her floral neckerchief.

New powerful clients and a new boat full of children arriving later that afternoon. Business was booming. She couldn’t help but smile.

A loving mother, a charity patron and one of the most dangerous members of the High Five criminal group. Laura ‘Nanny’ Goodman is the target for the elite force known as Rogue Battalion.


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