Groups of the Conflict: Fosgon

Chief: Tomatcu Habaru

Origins: Native American

A once proud nation, native to America,  the Fosgon are strong and resilient. Facing financial difficulty the Fosgon people have looked to their highly respected chief Tomatcu (Tomat choo) for guidance through their difficulties.

The Fosgon nation boast a lance wielder, the highest status  any warrior can reach. Of which there are only ever four in existence at any one time. The lance weilders are fire, earth, wind and water. It is believed that only four can exist in order to maintain a balance of power throughout the world. The grandson of the chief,  Sudelka, carries a fire lance. He also happens to be a red feather!

Warriors who wear a red feather are difficult to contain, hungry for power and with the fire lance in his possession many fear what Sudelka may one day become. However, with the right guidance from the strongest members of the Fosgon council, Sudelka may be key to pulling his nation through their most difficult times.

Other notable members of the Fosgon Nation include Linciu (Linch-eye-oo). Son to Chief Tomatcu and father of Sudelka, Linciu is a capable warrior whose skills were sought out by the U.S. military. He was a member of the elite force known as Rogue Battalion and was instrumental in stopping the criminal group, the High Five.

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