Shattered Ice and Broken Hearts (A Red Snow Tale)

Edward ‘The Hand’ was a great knight of old. Born of a warrior mother and a wise father, he was strong and brave. When he reached his eighteenth year he went in search of adventure across the seas to the small but mighty island kingdom of Alnwick.

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Alnwick: A smaller kingdom with great power. Alnwick lies as a landmass of its own. The people of Alnwick have been known to stand strong in the face of adversity. Alnwick is ruled by the Steward dynasty from Eccleshall and despite successfully avoiding the disagreements of their neighbours, Alnwick still yields a force capable of matching their larger foes.


In Alnwick, Edward learned archery from the best in the realm. He sampled their hospitality and lead their forces successfully against invaders from the Southern province of Susiname.

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Whilst a guest at the Alnwickian court Edward met the beautiful Princess Catherine. She was the only daughter of King Gerard and Queen Grace. Catherine was young, intelligent with smooth creamy skin and long flowing hair. She was drawn to Edward’s dark eyes. They shared the Alnwickian warrior spirit. They fell in love.

At first King Gerard refused to marry his daughter to the knight with her having so many suitors but Edward sought to prove himself worthy of the princess.

So with a fond farewell he and his new bride to be set sail, leaving Alnwick behind to return east to Edward’s homeland of Navaria.


From the rocky land of old Navaria, Edward began to forge a kingdom worthy of his princess. He began with a beautiful garden filled with flowers of Catherine’s favourite shade of red. Catherine adored her garden and spent most of her time there.

Their union was blissful but before they could officially marry, Edward set to building a great castle called the Hand, so called because it consisted of five great towers.  He reached construction on the fifth and final tower when he received an invitation to the table of King Stephen of Ravensedge.

Ravensedge: Perched high in the Alinway Mountains east of Navaria. The Sparrington Hold boasts some of the greatest and most powerful knights the world has known. Ruled by the Deveraux dynasty from Castle Sparrington the people of Ravensedge are a mystery. To breach the high fort is to observe a kingdom of lost ideals, a world where values long gone are preserved. The feared Knights Guard, sworn to protect the Deveraux family, have been without war for generations but they wait. They train and they prepare because one day a war will come to them again.

Further east, high in the Alinway mountains they had heard word of the kingdom that Edward was building in Navaria and their curiosity peaked. Edward accepted the invitation with good grace. Catherine begged him not to leave her but duty called.

King Stephen gave a choice of his three raven haired daughters for marriage.

“Leona is wise beyond her years. She will make a sensible wife,” said Stephen of the first.

Edward refused.

“Elizabeth is kind and fair. She will make a dutiful wife,” he said of the second.

Still Edward refused.

When he looked upon the third he forgot all about Catherine. He was so lost in the allure of Mary, the youngest.

He brought Mary to Navaria with him and continued to forge his kingdom. He married the Ravensedge princess and she bore him a son.

Navaria: Famously the setting for the events of ‘Red Snow’. Navaria is a cold land filled with intrigue and tales of witchcraft. Ruled by the Von Garr dynasty from Castle Kroestov the people are held in fear by a curse of madness that plagues their monarchs. Navaria holds many secrets amidst it’s grey landscape and the Navarians have been known to be ruthlessly savage. They are set in their ways and when newcomers arrive over their borders it always arouses suspicion.

Still, despite this, Catherine waited for him, weeping in her beloved garden. She still believed he would return. When the chill of the long Navarian winter came she was blanketed in snow. They say her body is still there, still encased in ice.

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