Proud producers of quality whiskey for more than five generations. Mack and Sons distillery is a vivid part of the landscape of Shady City.

First set up in the deprived Shanty area of the Shady City, Mack and Sons were offered a generous buy over bid from the wealthy Beckingridge Financial Firm.

With a stern note from head, Brendan Mack, they refused.

“Mack and Sons is for everybody. We supply those who work hard and get their hands dirty. Those rich bastards think they can have it all,” he said.

The distillery now lies in the hands of second born son, Patrick with support from his brothers – Aidan, Kieran and Colin. Mack and Sons protect their brand fiercely. The working class ethic still lies at the heart of what they do.

They are the main supplier to the Knock, Knock club so a bottle is always to be found, even as the city struggles. The recognisable shape of the twisted bottle can be spotted on most of the bars.


Come join us for a glass of Macks at the Knock, Knock Club!

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Written by Vivika Widow

Author, blogger and founder of the Ragdolls UK foundation who support children and young adults suffering from genetic disorders. Visit for more info


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