The Ace Reporter

Name: Sam Crusow

Age: 34

Position: Reporter

When the mayor of the city went missing Sam thought he was on to the story of his life. When that story led him to the Knock, Knock club it would put his life in danger. As his world crumbles around him he realises even those closest to him have their secrets.

He is forced to wade through a mess of corruption, deceit and murder to bring these hidden agendas to light. When the truth is exposed it isn’t pretty.

Kind, noble and determined – Sam’s honesty is unflappable but when he is up against some of the shadiest characters the city has to offer he is going to have to learn to fight dirty.

Join Sam every Monday @ 6pm as he continues on his quest to bring the Knock, Knock Club down.


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You can read the Knock, Knock series free on Vivika Widow Online

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