Been there; Done that

This weeks episode introduced our club manager.

Name: Dennis Platt

Age: 42

Position: Manager of the Knock, Knock Club


Once upon a time Dennis had it all. A wife, a lucrative business and a child on the way. Like most people in Shady City Dennis holds a dark secret close to his chest.

His whole life changed when he brought home a lost and dazed young girl named Tabitha. He made the mistake revealing his dark desires to her. His not so wholesome life came crashing down around him.

To most, Dennis is a happy go lucky man. He can even make the Knock, Knock club seem inviting but his stare lingers just a little too long, his grasps are a little too tight.

If Dennis has any hope of ever escaping the Knock, Knock club he must accept responsibility for the atrocities he committed before the doors of the club opened. Only then can he have any kind of redemption.

Dennis is smarter than he seems and he is observing more than people realise. He knows what it takes to stay alive in Shady City but there may come a time when his luck runs out.


Join us for the Knock, Knock series and be greeted at the door of the Knock, Knock club by Dennis. Follow the story as the story of intrigue, murder and mayhem unfolds.

Free to read @ Vivika Widow Online



Click HERE to download issue # 2 for kindle.


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