Lost and In Pain (A Muse Extract)

There was a thundering knock at the main door. Alex’s eyes opened with a start. It was still the dead of night. The only light was the green glow of the clock on his night stand. It read four. The early birds hadn’t yet begun to sing. Impatient, the knocking continued. Now the blood was coursing through Alex’s body carrying with it that sense of fear that only comes from someone urgently needing your attention at such an hour.

He climbed out of bed and wandered to the window. He peeled back the violet curtains Mrs Watt from downstairs had made for him and looked out onto the street below. Mrs Watt had taken a shine to thirty year old Alex. She was an old school woman so when she learned a young man was living alone above her she made it her duty to take care of him. Alex hoped the knocking hadn’t woken her.

A police car lay in wait. It was making no noise but the blue light pulsated. He couldn’t see anyone. The entrance way to the duplex apartment building was obscured from view. The knock came again, this time heavier.

He dashed from the bedroom, pulling a black bath robe that hung on the back of the door and pulled it on as he descended the steps.

Three shadowed figures stood on the other side of the main door. Alex pulled it open, wide eyed and ready to face whatever challenges awaited him.

There was a large, burly male officer. His face was mostly shadowed by his hat. He was accompanied by a smaller, female counterpart. Between them, barely able to stand was a young man of similar age to Alex with shaggy, bleached blonde hair and a deathly pale face that Alex knew all to well.

David had been Alex’s closest friend for many years. They were more like brothers than most blood related. David was giving him a bleary eyed stare. If it weren’t for the officers holding him upright he would have fallen at Alex’s feet.

“What the Hell happened to you?” Alex gasped, ignoring the police officers that had brought him.

“We are so sorry to disturb you sir. Are you Alex Ferrald?” asked the woman officer.

Alex acknowledged them with a courteous smile. “Yes, that is me.”

“We found him in Coldridge Park. He insisted we brought him here.”

“He didn’t cause any trouble did he?” Alex asked wrapping David’s arm around his shoulder and helping him inside.

The burly male officer stepped forward to assure David was steady but he was starting to be sturdier on his feet already.

“He was causing a disturbance but nothing we will be taking any further at this time.”

“Thank you officers,” Alex said as he ushered David inside using his free hand to close the door over.

The male officer reached out a great bear paw and stopped the door.

“If it happens again we will.”

“I’ll explain It to him when he sobers up,” Alex offered. He should have asked what the disturbance was but he was afraid of what the answer would be. David was an artist and so that came with some eccentricity. However, lately he was completely spiralling out of control.

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