The Jury is Out

It was a long journey for me from medical student to – well – where I am today. I wrote all of my confessions down. I told my story and wore my heart on my sleeve.

Some people believe my recount of events is far to outlandish to be true.

“Didn’t the professor noitce that half the anatomy class was missing?”

Well of course they did. That’s why they called the police. I was arrested and all hope of becoming the greatest doctor in the city was gone forever. I had only myself to blame I suppose. I couldn’t quite wash the blood off my hands.

Then came the incarceration. Ten years they gave me on the naughty step of the Monte Fort Correctional Facility for Nefarious Women. My lawyer, a talented young man by the name of Simon, worked his magic and did his best to get me free.

People still continued to ask what the truth was.

“Ten years isn’t an awful lot of time if it is true what you say and you murdered all those people.”

All I can say to that is there were extenuating circumstance that helped me be freed into the supervision of my older sister, Paula. People wondered why she would have no qualms with letting a so called ‘serial killer’ into her home.

“No one would let a murdering monster near their eight year old child,” they complained. They were not convinced.

Paula knew how much I adored Chloe though. My niece was all that kept me going in the Monte. The photo I had of her cheeky little face was my most treasured possession. That coupled with the fact that Paula and I were sisters and blood is thicker than murder.

Since there was no way I would be allowed back on a medical course again I decided to focus on one of my other attributes. I have always enjoyed writing stories. I loved creating and playing with words. So I thought why not become an author? I had ten years of sitting around to pass so I figured why not focus on something productive and creative. So I wrote stories. I was asked to right my true story of the murders, no matter how gory it was, but I preferred fiction.

It didn’t go so well. To my surprise publishers weren’t falling over themselves to print. Rejection after rejection I was deflated.

“How can that be possible? Surely publishers would love the account of a real life serial killer?” they pressed. They didn’t believe I would find it so difficult.

I was left to assume that my work wasn’t as good as I thought it was. Perish the thought!

So I have decided to go ahead and offer my full story from you with all it’s messy details. Some say there are too many unanswered questions. Maybe it’s complete bull shit. Maybe every word of it is true. One way or another I’m just getting started.

Is Tracey Campbell really as bad as she says? We’ll let you decide whether it’s true or not.

Click HERE to read the full story!



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