Ten things you (probably) didn’t know about The Knock, Knock Club series.

1 – Originally it was a werewolf story!

We’re not really sure where the werewolves fit into Vivika Widow’s Noir Thriller but following Sam’s downfall as he’s drawn in as a member of the pack we can certainly hazard a guess.

2 – Was a set originally set in twenties Chicago.

As much fun as we think a prohibition era werewolf saga would have been, the story of The Knock, Knock Club was adapted and set in the fictional city of Coldford with a modern setting. However, the remnants of the old setting still remain to lend it it’s noir feel.

3 – Was supposed to be Vivika Widow’s second book.

After the release of Red Snow in 2013, Vivika Widow became a best selling author of five more books (as of 2018). As a medical student she always intended on Knock, Knock being her second book but as publishers pushed the Conflict saga and hit thriller Maestro, Knock, Knock fell to the back.

5 – The little blog that could.

The Knock, Knock series was released as an exclusive story for Vivika Widow Online in 2017. Impressed with the reception from readers it was picked up and contracted as a graphic novel series. Promising more gore, thrills and brand new characters we can’t wait!

6 – Who’s the best?

Of the characters in Knock, Knock, cabaret performer, Tabitha is Vivika Widow’s personal favourite. A vote from Twitter followers placed shrewd reporter and narrator Sam Crusow as the fan favourite. Who’s yours? Comment below and let us know.

7 – Thanks to Subway.

Each episode of Knock, Knock was written during Monday afternoon lunch whilst the manuscripts for My Silly Little Confessions were still being prepared. Most of the original notes from Knock, Knock are stained with marinara sauce from meatball subs!

8 – Common themes in Vivika Widow stories.

Common themes in Vivika Widow stories include: Mental illness, murder, desperation, killer kids and strong fraternal relationships.

All of these themes feature in Knock, Knock.

9 – No male villains.

In most of Vivika Widow’s stories there are no male villains. The villainous men are usually under the influence of stronger, dominant women. Knock, Knock is no exception.

10- Season two.

Thanks to the success of the Knock, Knock blog series and the anticipation of the upcoming graphic novel we are pleased to confirm that there will be a follow up to Knock, Knock!


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