Hero or Villain?

I enjoy reading books where the main character or main protagonist isn’t an all out good person. I enjoy following the villains more often than not but when it comes to the hero of the story I enjoy seeing their flaws.

There was a discussion recently on whether or not Vincent (Maestro) was a hero or a villain in the story.

His actions speak that of a villain but is he really responsible for what happened?

His words are those of a hero, but would a true hero do the things that he did.

It was interesting for me to look at him from this perspective because he always was intended on being my protagonist. I guess, like in real life, there are always shades of grey.

What do you think? Do you enjoy your heroes with flaws? Are you more inclined towards the villains like me? Did you feel Vincent was the villain of Maestro?

Click HERE to read Maestro and decide for yourself.

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