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We have a lot to offer readers of all genres here at Vivika Widow Online.

For exclusive look at the Conflict era click HERE.

When the world falls into chaos there will be heroes and villains fighting on all sides with an explosive free for all of epic proportions.


With the first graphic novel in the series coming this summer log on and choose your side!


For fans of gothic horror, follow down a dark path and get lost in the woods of Vivika Widow’s fairy tale world of Red Snow.


Click HERE to visit a land of witches, curses and bad ass monsters!


It’s all just Myths and Tales, right?

From the best selling collection of short stories and poems of Vivika Widow comes a daring web series.

Laugh, cry and be drawn into a world of intrigue with stories for readers of all genres to enjoy.

Click HERE to check out all things Myths and Tales.


If you are a fan of thrillers then stay right here!

We have all the content you need on Vivika Widow’s best selling novella, Maestro. We take a look at the award winning short story, The Grip. We also have exclusive content on Muse, the latest VW thriller coming this December.


We have been bowled over with the response to the Knock, Knock series. If you haven’t read it yet you are in the right place. Available only on VW Online, join reporter Sam Crusow as his investigation takes him to a world of murder, mayhem and cheap booze.

Episode 1: Welcome to the club available for you to enjoy!


Click HERE to see all the available titles from Vivika Widow.

Proceeds from the sales of all novels go towards the Ragdolls UK charity who help girls with Turner’s Syndrome achieve their full potential.

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