Kidnap at Court (A Red Snow Tale)

The Lord and Lady were an adored couple. The Lord was a dashing young man who assumed his father’s estate at the tender age of twenty. The Lady – a cousin of the king  – was a constant champion for those in need. After three years their marriage bore fruit in the form of a son. The Little Lord had his father’s warm eyes and his mother’s fair hair. He was the pride and joy of his parent’s as well as the staff of The Halls where they called home.

It was a fine evening in the kingdom of Elgany, cloaked in starlight. A warm breeze drew new parents outdoors.

“A nice walk will do us all good,” said the Lady as she laid her infant into a silver pram brought to her by one of the maid servants.

The Little Lord smiled as the maid tickled the corner of his lips as she laid him gently in his transport.

“Of course, darling,” agreed the Lord. “A fine evening it is indeed.”

The Lord’s own aide – Jean – held an umbrella whilst he waited on the Lord loosening his collar.

“It looks like there may be a little rain, my lord,” he said.

The Lord accepted the umbrella. The Lady kissed Jean’s cheek. He pulled the door open for the family.

“Do be safe,” he warned. “I have heard rumours of a lot of robberies lately.”

The Lord, Lady and the Little Lord wandered into the night.

The kingdom of Elgany was a wealthy land located to the warm south. As wealthy as it was the coin was not evenly spread. Those who were rich were outrageously so. Those who were poor had nothing but the rags on their back and what provisions they could steal. The great divide caused by Elgany’s legendary treasury brewed a threat underneath the beautiful land.

The Lord and Lady strolled along the banks of the Chessy river which ran through the centre of Elgany and split the two fractions of society. The wealthy lived to the north, within the reach of the King Benjamin’s great palace. The poor lived to the south in an area known as the Derremont.

The path the followed began to climb higher and further away from the river’s edge. The trees that lined the pathway began to thicken. The Lord began to slow. The Lady followed. The Little Lord was fast asleep. His small lips twitched.

The Lord and Lady could sense some danger. They shouldn’t have strayed so far away from their home. The Lord turned. The Lady clutched the pram carrying her son with an iron grip. There was a rustling in the trees. The Lord pushed his family behind him. A man in tattered clothes came stumbling out.

“Coin?” he asked.

The Lord reached inside his pocket for some gold for the wretched beggar. His concentration was stolen for a few moments. More bodies emerged from the trees. The Lord felt a sharp pain as an iron pole was smashed against his face. His skull underneath cracked. The Lady shrieked as she watched her husband fall to the ground under a hail of kicks and punches.

She felt arms wrap around her waist. She was lifted away. Her long, slim legs kicked out. The pram rolled away from her and tipped over the edge of hill. As the Little Lord, still asleep, tumbled towards to river the Lord and Lady disappeared into the night, never to be seen again.

Enjoy this?

The problems are just beginning for the kingdom of Elgany. King Benjamin is in desperate need of help. His life and the life of his family is in danger.

Politics, Intrigue, witchcraft and curses plague Vivika Widow’s fairy tale world of Red Snow. We are excited to be celebrating five years of Red Snow.


Click HERE to read the full story.



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