My First Time

My bio says Red Snow (published 2013) was my first book. For the wider world I guess that is true but for me it came a long time before that. Writing stories and creating characters has been a love of mine (sometimes an obsession!) since I was old enough to write.

When I was about six years old I had just finished reading Roald Dahl’s FANTASTIC MR FOX. I was hooked. I wanted to read more and I wanted to bring my own little fantasy worlds to life. Sat in my mother’s office I took sheets of blank A4 paper and folded them over in the shape of a book and stapled them together. This was my first publishing experience.

The book I wrote that day was titled Roby’s Adventures with the Magic Tent. The main character – Roby – would spend the night in her tent, gifted to her by her quirky grandfather. When she woke in the morning she would find she would be transported to all kinds of magical places. I even added some illustrations of my own. It would seem like nonsense now but I was lucky to have the encouragement of my family, friends and school teachers. I know there are some who aren’t as lucky to have that support. To those people I say STICK AT IT. Wether you are a little six year old scribbling on a piece of paper or an adult author stressing behind a computer screen you can do it. It doesn’t matter if it makes you a multi millionaire or if only one person reads it, bringing a new story into the world is a beautiful thing.

Roby and her little magical tent started me on the journey to where I am today. I moved from scribbling on paper to a type writer, to an old PC until eventually a string of trusted lap tops. No matter what I write today I still have Roby perched on my shoulder, reminding me of the enthusiasm of that little six year old when grown up me feels like giving up.

So what was your first writing experience? Share below and let me know.

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