Author’s Log: The Conflict Series; Part 1

When it was decided I would work on a graphic novel I thought to myself it would be easier than a novel. I was so wrong! There are a lot more details to consider before a pen even hits the paper.

One thing I realised though it that it can be so gratifying. When writing a novel the characters and settings come alive in your imagination. You write them out as best as you can in the hopes that it will light something in your reader too. With a graphic novel the characters leap from the page and the settings laid out like photographs. Working on the Conflict series has helped me become involved in the writing of a story in ways I have never experienced before.

It is a lot of hard work too. My days are eaten up at the moment with the Ragdolls Foundation so as the sun falls and the shadows settle in for the night I am preparing to painstakingly note each chapter, character, location and event as I make my way through original manuscripts written for Conflict back in 2014.

It has been great getting to know the graphic novel community. Whilst I have always loved graphic novels and have friends who are also fans it hasn’t been until lately that I have really engaged in conversation with the wider collective. Thanks to social media I have been able to share my love of V for Vendetta and the Walking Dead series.

The concepts that have been released so far have been well received. I thank everyone who has commented, shared and liked what they saw from Conflict.

It’s still early days at the moment but I look forward to bringing you more from the Conflict series soon.

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