Author’s Log; My Silly Little Confessions: Part 2

Well the end of October is upon us. The first draft submission for MSLC is fast approaching. I can’t believe how fast the time has flown. One day the book is announced and you feel like you have all the time in the world. Before long you are getting nervous messages from editors and publishers asking how it’s coming along and reminding you they will need a full first draft. Sheesh!

The most exciting thing about writing MSLC is that is so different from my previous books. The black comedy that runs through it took me completely out of my comfort zone. However, the main character, Tracey, spoke to me in a way that no other character ever has. Her personality leaps off the page. Her dialogue feels like it has already been said before it reaches the page. I could put this down to her being one of the most effervescent characters I have written yet or it could be the result of me gaining more experience as an author.

It makes me a little nervous that I don’t have fairy tale plots or fantasy backgrounds to hide behind. MSLC, although set in the same universe as Maestro, is raw in its settings, characters and theme.

I was asked by a reader what surprised me the most about this book. Well, I would have to say the fact that the short story ‘Confessions of an Anatomist’ which featured in ‘Myths and Tales’ volume 1 managed to explode into a full novel. Tracey has her own following which I hadn’t anticipated when I first wrote it so now I’m very much looking forward to seeing how readers respond to her first novel appearance.

mslc blurb announcement

Can’t wait until January? Click HERE to read the short story ‘Confessions of an Anatomist’ that started it all.



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