Authors log: My Silly Little Confessions; part 2

Chapters written: 1 -13

Body Count: 9

Well that really got out of hand!

As I make my way through the middle chapters of ‘My Silly Little Confessions’ it occurs to me that the main character, Tracey Campbell, isn’t the real antagonist. She is my main narrator and despite the despicable crimes she has committed she isn’t what one might traditionally describe as the villain – at least not the main one.

The real villains in this book are bullies, those who would step on others to improve themselves and those so wrapped up in their own prejudices they fail to treat others with respect.

The main problem with writing ‘My Silly Little Confessions’ and the short story that spawned it, ‘Confessions of an Anatomist’ was that the main character had to hold the attention of the reader in a way that was entertaining as well as still holding their sympathy for her.

Because I don’t want the reader to stop following Tracey’s pursuits her victims have to be carefully chosen. Tracey still has to be likable even though she is racking up a body count. Therefore, her victims have to be so detestable they eclipse her murderous nature.

The full first draft should be complete by November. Then it will go through the editing process. It will be battered, bruised and shaken up to make it the best little book it can be in time for its January release.

The short story ‘Confessions of an Anatomist’ is available now as part of the Myths and Tales collection. Click HERE to read.


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