Getting it right!

For a very long time I have held the dream of becoming a writer. Like many out there amidst a sea of independent sources and publishing firms leaping out from around what seems every corner you become so bogged down with getting the job done that you forget how much fun it can be.

There are a lot of details to overlook and a lot of information to process so it is no surprise that even the most professional of us get it wrong sometimes. The image below had reached publication and before it could be revoked there was already a few copies winging their way to readers. This was a complete disaster! It had already been seen and despite the story, characters, plot it was never going to be given the chance it deserved because of such an obvious and stupid mistake.

The key is to not rush your work. Wether you are on your own or you have a team of dedicated professionals at your disposal you should never rush and never post information onto publishers at 5am…

I am pleased to say that the mistake was corrected and ‘Rogue Battalion’ went on to become a hit but it does show that no matter what stage you’re at you can always make mistakes. I am reminded of the latest Bridget Jones’ book which ended up with pages from the autobiography of the much loved David Jason. The books had already hit shelves around the country!

My point is this … Don’t be afraid to make mistakes. Art is subjective and although you cannot please everyone you should be proud of your creation. If you do make mistakes don’t let that stop you.

If you can spot the mistake in the old image feel free to email me and you can have a free copy of Rogue Battalion (with the proper cover) 🙂


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